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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yoga for Moms

Thanks to Rachel Vaden for presenting her yoga in pregnancy, labor & beyond. Tuesday's meeting was fun and informative. We learned that yoga can help your body & mind in pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Here is the 10-15 minute yoga routine that Rachel presented for pregnancy & beyond.

-Standing cat-cow
-Forward fold
-Downward facing dog
-Come down onto all fours
-Spinal balance
-Hip circles
-Puppy or child's pose
-Hip circles/figure 8 both sides
-Squat and kegels
-Seated straddle split
-Ankle circles & flex & point
-Head to knee
-Sacral stabilizing, interlacing fingers reach up both sides
-Gentle sacral twist
-Switch sides & repeat
-Cross-legged &/or side lying position, choose breathing technique and mantra* or meditation to practice at least 5 min. If sitting, place blanket under sit bones for hip & low back support if needed.


*Helpful mantras:
-My body is stronger and more flexible than I ever thought possible
-I surrender to the wisdom of my body
-My baby feels calm, peace & serenity
-(breathing in)Trust in your body, (breathing out)Surrender to the experience

Monday, March 23, 2009

Benefits of Yoga

Come to our enrichment meeting tomorrow at 10am and learn the benefits of yoga in labor, childbirth, postpartum & beyond! Don't forget to wear something comfortable & bring a towel to kneel on. Although tomorrow's meeting is not an official class, Rachel Vaden will be able to show us all some poses. See you there!