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Monday, March 17, 2014

Calling all breastfeeding supporters (or those who just like pizza)! La Leche League of Sandy is having a fundraiser!

When: Monday April 14th through Thursday April 17th.

Where:  This will be held at The Pizza Pie Cafe, located at 751 Fort Union Blvd, in Midvale.

How: For every person who eats at The Pizza Pie Cafe for our fundraiser between the 14th and 17th, the restaurant will give 25% of your total bill to our group!! Simply go to the pizza pie cafe, enjoy a tasty meal, then when the bill is brought present the fundraiser card (or mention that you're there for LLL of Sandy), which states our group's name and the date the fundraiser ends. We can get you this card one of two ways: come to the next La Leche League of Sandy meeting and we can give you as many cards as you'd like (for family and friends too!), or via e-mail for you to print off and present at the restaurant. If you forget your card, don't worry,  mention La Leche League of Sandy, they will print one at the restaurant and have you fill in the information.

Why: We want to raise funds for our group so we can continue to purchase much-needed inventory, add more books to our group library, and give our leader(s) the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest research concerning breastfeeding!

Extra bonus! Because we are a non-profit organization, your entire meal will be tax-free!!

For anyone who is interested in getting to know the families of La Leche League of Sandy better, we are planning on getting together Wednesday April 16th  at the Pizza Pie for a casual meet-the-families night at 6pm. And please feel free to tell friends and family who support breastfeeding or just like pizza about our upcoming fundraiser. So, mark your calendars and plan for a night off of cooking dinner in favor of pizza and La Leche League!

BIG thanks to our member, Heather, for putting together this fundraiser.


La Leche League of Sandy